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Having just won Spice Magazine’s ‘Best Individual Performer’ award for 2019, Brihony’s energy and charisma can bring power to your event like no other. 

Whether you’re after an MC and entertainment for your event, a special interactive component for your conference or a hilarious and candid keynote focusing on LGBTIQ learning in the workplace, Brihony’s got you covered!

 After years of experience as an emcee and host, Brihony has managed to tailor their presentation across a large group of audiences, including large conferences, weddings and corporate team building events. Brihony has the energy and enthusiasm to bring something truly special to an event and to deliver a memorable experience for everyone involved.


Vocalist & MC

Acclaimed vocalist and MC, Brihony Dawson, has worked with Grammy winning producers and rock legends worldwide, and they’re now ready to make your events legendary!

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There’s no MC on the planet like Brihony Dawson. Your audience will be obsessed with them, you’ll be obsessed with them. Even more impressive than Brihony’s unbounded charisma and talent, is their tireless focus on helping you achieve your event goals.

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